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Proud to present calendars highlighting imagery from New York City - NYC Nights, and ze Roof Apocalyptic Storm Moments. All calendars are generated in house - printing, hole punching, and wire binding. Assembled personally, there will be no issues pertaining to production value - 24 years digital output and project construction experience working within commercial facilities should ensure peace of mind for clientele.

Dates:                            January 2020 - March 2021

Size:                               11 inches width by 14 inches height

Material:                      matte paper

Pricing:                         $30

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55 images from my extensive photographic collection. Photographs vary - from cityscapes to nature, moments captured during the light of day and darkness of night.

Image Sizes:             greeting card (5x7) • 6x8 inches • 8x10 inches • 11x14 inches • 12x18 inches         

Material:                    luster • metallic pearl

Pricing:                        $10 • $25 • $45 • $75 •$125

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